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Branch & Brand: Image 4 Grows Your Institution

The experience of in-branch transactions is changing. Brand Affinity is the future of all non-commodity transactions. How your customers experience your Brand is how you create passionate advocates for your institution.

Whether you are building a new branch location; rebranding an existing location; expanding into innovative new areas on campus or co-located in a retail footprint; or just need to refresh your branding approach, Image 4 has the experience and advice you need to take your branch transformation project to the next level.

Download The Financial Brand's article on our "Branch of the Future" project for South Shore Bank.

Download our Branch Environment Design Book.

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With over 600 branches and 20 years expertise in designing the consumer experience, Image 4's approach is rich and collaborative; engaging with your executives, marketing teams and architects, to create a space that projects confidence, instills trust, and gives you the environment you need to operate as efficiently as possible.

Our designs deliver effective and pleasant back office operations and create supportive work environments for your staff. We are versatile and sensitive designers of lunch room, break room, conference room, training and other employee-centric spaces.


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