Branch Refresh and Transformation

Rebranding or refreshing an existing branch or back office is an important project. You need a partner who can bring your vision to life, work quickly and efficiently to update your space, and deliver the customer experience your institution builds upon.

Image 4 offers you our experience in hundreds of branch renovations and updates. We work with your architects and internal teams to rejuvenate your space, minimizing disruption to customers. Our project managers and designers immerse themselves in your brand, understanding your goals and your vision for transformation.

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If your refresh is due to an acquisition, we’ll leverage existing assets where possible and work with you to quickly bring your new location up to your standards.

Today, many clients are in the process of rationalizing their branch networks. The location, footprint and staffing that worked in 2001 no longer delivers an appropiate experience or cost equation.

Image 4 are experts at guiding our bank and credit union clients through the process of "right-sizing" the branch while enhancing brand connection and branch experience. Hub and Spoke, Pioneer, Stand-Alone and Co-location branches are all part of our experience.

branch refresh and innovation  branch refresh and innovation

Optimize your branch, reduce your costs, gain exposure and develop new accounts. Contact Image 4 today.



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